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제목 No 394th 5th January saturday
작성일 2019-01-06 00:01 작성자 정순남 조회 301



I was thinking about "retirement" that I heard from someone on tv.
At that time,
I was folding family's clothes.
I thought that What do My future?


Least I think I have been live my life harldy.
But As of now  I feel insignificant and It's true.
I don't know why I becamed like this.


Really something make me worried.


From now on
We can live a long time least up to 80 to 100 years old.
We have lots of days to live in future.


It can be that's getting really bad or blessing.


Coming soon ~


It can be  slow down or quickly for someone.


Use caution!!!




Already my husband retired from company and
 my husband is running small factory.
But More and more it is decreasing income.
The situation get worse and worse.


I am not expressing our economic  problem, but I am truely worried about our difficulty.


Result of now is a continuous's past's fruits.
I don't know that what makes  did I do or what  did I wrong?


I can speak to myself that did my best my life.
Even though I couldn't say I did well~


fortunally, I am knowing that I have to something.


The thing was that I don't know that what should i do.


Do you want me to disapointed myself?
I know  you  don't want to say that  I disappointed myself.
Moreover you want  me to   never give up something.
I know too rather you want to say me that It's worth don't giving up whatever.


In truely
This is the first time I 've been experienceing my diffcult life.
It had been difficult but I don't know I couldn't feel something.


I miss my husband.
He is watching TV without thought.
He might already had cried about  terrible.
He might already solved about difficulty.
Rather It might my hope that want solve by my husband.


I  don't mean to hurt their feelings that is reading my diary.
I wanted to tell about something.




Have a make try to think out life with my husband.
We are getting in the a same boat , we are companion forever.
We are not an  enemy.


If i say honestly,


I used to think  when we had a big fight, my husband and I are enemy.


We have to get over  this difficulty together.
It's easy solving it, if we are shareing difficulty together.


We are loving each other, healthy, have good family who is cheering up us. even they are respecting to father too.


we are a little short money.
When we want to buy or eat  something,
we can't buy or eat something so we can feel uncomfortable.


If we could have save for lots of money when we were newly life~?


At that time we were rich, so we had spent lots of money without realizing.


When we were learning  that we have a tiny money,
we  have a small house and we have been living while worrying next days.


But we don't blame each other and we don't regret it, too.




Just I am sad that  time passed.


I think while I am writing a diary.


If I can get back the my youth of my past
It seems I will put lots of money together.


As of now,
I will start my life challanging again.


If we can have hope, we can demonstrate that we are still  enthusiastic and deligent.


We are a little elderly couple.


Elderly  has wise.
And they  don't give up whatever.
The elderly  become real winner like  elderly of all of the world.
(It is a true and you will  get to know when you get older why elderly was told "true winner.")


It is  a like dust tiny worry from God-given.


We will get wise by through God.
That's why we are true winner.
No,I want true winner.


When I leave to heaven, I will say like this to everyone I know,
It has been happy and warm in world and
it's worth living at there.


Last sentence  is that I might want to say to my granddaughter.
As soon as I was all finish my write a diary,
I get hungry so i  try to eat egg-fried.

It is 11:56 pm now.
Sweet dream.
 That's all                    4012character.











































시원스쿨   (2019-01-07) 
안녕하세요. 정순남 회원님
오늘도 소중한 일기를 작성해주셔서 감사합니다.

1. I thought that What do My future?
미래에 나는 무엇을 할지 생각했다.
이 표현은 관계대명사 that으로 표현하는 것이 아니라 what을 의문대명사로 사용하여 what to do in the future 이렇게 나타내면 되곘습니다.
I thought about what to do in the future.

2. I have been live my life harldy.
hardly 라는 표현은 "거의 ~ 않다" 라는 뜻입니다.
hard 라는 단어 자체에 형용사와 부사의 뜻이 모두 포함되어 있으니 부사의 자리라도 hard 라고 표현해주세요.
또한, live와 life 둘 다 공통된 의미가 있으니 한 번만 사용하는 것이 좋겠네요.
My life has been hard. = 내 인생은 힘들어왔다. (지금까지 힘든 것이 유지되는 의미)

3. becamed (x)
become - became(과거) - become(과거분사)

4. 미래에 라는 표현은 항상 "in the future" 이라고 표현합니다.

5. It can be that's getting really bad or blessing.
이것은 나쁠수도 좋을 수도 있다. 라는 표현은
either A or B 표현을 사용하고
might = ~일 수도 있다 ( can / could 보다 불확실한 상태 )
I might be either negative or positive.

다음 일기도 기대하겠습니다.

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