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제목 no 516 sunday 28 June 2020
작성일 2020-06-28 17:09 작성자 정순남 조회 61

I went to church with my tired husband.


He was not irritated as usual.


I once said this.
Don't be mad at me even if you're upset.
Do let you get mad at yourself.
You have to put an end to your anger.


I don't want to ruin my day with your bad feelings.
I'm your wife, so even the smallest things have been affected by you.


In church
He closes his eyes as soon as he sits down.
GODand he
He will say something to God.


I also I sang praises and finish  my pray and
I'm listening to the pastor's sermon.


 My husband sits beside next me and keeps moving.
I peeped at him and was nervous.
I feel bad him.
 I felt sorry for him.
Just I kept silent.


After the service, he says.
He said he was so sleepy that he shook his body during the sermon.


I was so sorry for him.
I know he doesn't enjoy going to church and  went to church for me for 20 years.


He said this while his drink.
Our pastor seems to have studied the Bible very much a lot.


My husband majored in chemistry in university.
So he only believes in science.
That's why his brain is so picky.


It is difficult to persuade him with words.


He's gibberish.


The head of  household, husband is hard.
 Because he  has to been earning  to bring up our children and  after they got married, he has to go to church for his wife.

Sweetheart, darling, honey.
 I love you
I will be nice to you.














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ㅇ 보존항목 : 성명, 연락처
ㅇ 보존근거 : 혜택 제공
ㅇ 보존기간 : 1년

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